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Dance Classes For

Plus size Caucasian woman and Afro American lady with raising hands imitating ballet dance
A black and white image of two ladies from the 1920's wearing elaborate sequined costumes with feathers skirts flowing behind them and across thier feet.  They are holding large feathers above thier heads.
At Ranges Burlesque, Broadway and Dance Fitness, we believe that fitness should be fun. Our classes are designed to help you explore your body through dance, unleashing your inner diva in the process. We welcome and empower all body types and fitness abilities, creating a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone. Join us today and discover the joy of dance fitness!

Current Classes
Held at Woodend Neighbourhood House

vintage burlesque dancers wearing feathers and jewels

Performance Burlesque

Welcome to our Burlesque Class! Get ready to feel like a goddess as you learn sexy and empowering moves that will boost your confidence. This term, we are excited to teach you a chair dance that is suitable for both beginners and more advanced dancers. We will guide you through each step, ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the class. Join us and unleash your inner diva!

silhouette of a jazz dancer leaning back, wearing a hat

Broadway Jazz

Broadway Jazz is the perfect class for those who want to learn the Fosse style moves made famous in productions such as Chicago and Sweet Charity. Challenge yourself with some more advanced choreography and take your dancing skills to the next level. Join us and experience the magic of Broadway Jazz!

Beginners welcome.  

cassette tape with tape unravelling with pink background

Dance Fitness - Hits of the 90's

Get your heart racing and your body moving with our Dance Fitness class. Groove to the beats of the 90's with hits from Backstreet Boys, C&C Music Factory, Salt N Pepa and more. Our simple steps will get you burning calories and having a great time, regardless of your age or ability. This class is just for fun, so let loose and dance your cares away.

A New Class For Busy Parents

Join us on Thursday mornings for a fun and sexy burlesque-style dance fitness class! Bring your pre-school aged children.  The class is suitable for baby wearing, having baby on a mat in front of you, or have them play off to the side. We'll be learning some sultry moves and shimmying our way to a healthier you. See you there!

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